About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for SCI (spinal cord injured) individuals a “collegiate-like,” “campus living” Independence Training Program following injury and discharge back into the community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be “THE SOLUTION” to  closing the gap that exist from “hospital to home” for Medi-Cal, Managed Care and privately insurance SCI patients. Our program has proven, over 40 years, to have life-time cost savings while producing success stories that are unrivaled and it is our vision that this opportunity will be available to all SCI individuals one day.  


Freedom to Live Foundation (FTL) partners with New Start CLHF’s Independent Training Centers to IDENTIFY NEWLY INJURED, spinal cord injured (SCI) individuals AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE (ideally day 1 after injury) so we can begin to develop a comprehensive, continuum of care plan to transition from hospital to “home”…NOT to a nursing home or back to family as a “dependent” person.  

Our Success Stories

Our program has produced countless success stories over the years,click on a few of our success stories which are a testament to the power of our program and the impact it can have on someone’s life. 

Since opening New Start CLHF’s (subacute, skilled nursing and rehab facilities) in 2020 all our patients who transferred directly from hospital acute-care/rehab to our Specialty Rehabilitation and Independence Training Program have enjoyed outcomes that greatly surpassed initial expectations and within 12-24 months after injury those patients have all had the opportunity to transition back home, with adequate long-term care from Medi-Cal HCBA Waiver Program or an alternate LTC payor, or to a Freedom to Live home.  

FTL applies its energy and effort into finding “WHAT CAN BE” for our recipients rather than merely settle for “what is.”

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