The Beginning

Freedom to Live is dedicated to enabling individuals who have survived a spinal cord injury to pursue their dreams and take control of their destiny from the comfort and security of a stable, safe home environment.

Assessment of Care Needs

All qualified FTL recipients must have access to adequate care hours in order to qualify and live safely in the Freedom Home. To ensure each resident has appropriate care FTL will assist, and refer as necessary, in addressing nursing and caregiver needs prior to moving into FTL.

Referrals & Coordination

FTL accepts referrals by written application. Upon reviewing the application, if the applicant meets the criteria to qualify to become an FTL resident, an initial interview will be scheduled.


FTL provides a temporary living environment which recipients live at a “Freedom Home” campus for a period of 3 months to 18 months. After graduating, FTL can assist in finding and coordinating desirable & affordable permanent living arrangements.

The “Freedom Home” Campus provides a shared living environment where qualified recipients practice living independently. In this safe environment, recipients learn important adaptation skills and gain confidence while taking control of their own lives. This is the stepping stone to the future into a permanent home for those who are leaving an institutional setting or a home where independence has not yet been achieved.

Permanent housing is provided to those who demonstrate they are able to live successfully in a community setting. For example, they must be able to communicate well, make their own decisions and be responsible for running their day-to-day activities in life.

Training & Education

Freedom to Live coordinates the process through which recipients move into independent living. Before the process can begin, FTL writes a customized program that must be agreed to by the recipient.


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