FTL Celebration Of Life


FTL Celebration Of Life

16 July, 2016 at 3:00PM 9659 Balboa Blvd, Northridge, CA 91325, USA

Freedom To Live Foundation invites you to a special event to recognize and celebrate ALL the live that have been changed.

Freedom To Live Foundation has so much to celebrate and to share!! Mary Williams, Champion for those who have sustained catastrophic injuries and illnesses, has been busy in Sacramento and she has exciting news to share about the the NEW IHO Waiver guidelines planned for 2017. Sian Welch, Executive Director of FTL will also talk about what FTL has accomplished over the past 5 years, the mile stones and what FTL and its recipients and their families have to look forward to. Lastly and most importantly, we will be hearing from graduates and current recipients about their journeys and how FTL has helped them live again, dream again and achieve again!

We are inviting all recipients, past and present, all New Start Homes, New Start Home Health Care clients, all SCI that we know and love, all disabled and abled that have given their time, money and resources and of course all friends & family.

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