FTL Success Story – Clinton, A Mom’s Perspective…

When it was time for my son Clinton to be discharged again from another hospital stay, he ran into the same problem that I learned, through our families’ journey, so many other disabled people had before…no place for a young, physically disabled person with a good mind to live. He was too young for any decent assisted living facility and no place to call home.  Still needing more care than his estranged wife could or would provide, he found himself, once again, in the same situation.  I know that each time he was ready to be discharged he began feeling insecure and hopeless.  He and I discussed several times, the opportunity to fill the need, for housing the young physically disabled, with good mental capabilities.  We had no idea that someone had recognized that need several years ago. 

Mary Williams, and her daughter Sian Welch and the Freedom to Live Foundation…were the answer to our prayers!  Clinton was introduced to Mary and Sian through Care Meridian.  After years of working with young people like Clinton, Mary recognized the “black hole” that was left in these young folks lives after leaving the hospital or sub-acute facility with a catastrophic, life altering injury.  She saw them leave with no help, no guidance, no words of true wisdom on how to get back to living normally again!  It is like taking someone to the edge of a diving board that never learned to swim. 

Maybe they will make it and maybe they won’t.  What a gamble and possible waste, of good, productive young lives…Freedom to Live Foundation not only provides them with a safe place to call home, but also offers all the life skills necessary to be successful as they attempt to re-enter society as a viable and useful citizen. If they need medical attention, they will get it.  If they need guidance on where to get help, they will get that too.   Clinton has great potential to lead a normal happy life.  But without help and someone who believes in him, without the fellowship of people who have experienced the same problems but have made it, his road back would be much more difficult…maybe he would make it and maybe he wouldn’t.  The next steps into a successful life are up to Clint now…all he has to do is ask…help is now available…he is a part of Freedom to Live Foundation…part of a wonderful family who offers love, acceptance and hope!